My passion

Upcycling.  Most of what I do, aside from my day job and consuming copious amounts of coffee, is upcycling.  I plan to blog about upcycling once I figure out how to blog.  So basically I ask my friends to donate specific kinds of "junk" and I turn that junk into cooler, hipper, more functional, decorative and useful junk!  I especially love clothes and motorcycle stuff.

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My life

Octane, Crazy haired Aunt Kelly, Crazy Old Dog Lady, Tattooed Quilter, Jill of All Trades, Billy Jane Bad Ass, Sexy Beast...ok I totally made that last one up.  One of my goals, 'cuz if I put it here ya'll will keep me accountable, is to blog.  Whether it's WIP's (Works In Progress), Ideas, Patterns or just whatever the Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo I feel like saying.  I'm sure after a few of them ya'll will have a few more nicknames to add to my list!

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Sense of Humor and money

Don't worry, my son has a job so if you don't buy my shit he'll probably not starve after inheriting nothing.  Also if you don't have a pretty distorted and warped sense of humor you definitely don't belong here.

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Why me?!?

So why am I here, and more importantly, why are you??  I make things, destroy things, upgrade things and deconstruct things.  I'm good at it, very good at it but please don't go thinking I have an over inflated ego, I'm still learning.

I used to use wrenches and get dirty, now I get to help save the planet and leave little fabric and thread hairballs all over my house.  Everything I make is unique, I follow no patterns, embedded with dog hair and has been cursed at.  I'm self teaching so while I have room for improvement my originality, uniqueness, badassery and creativity are unmatched.

I'm supposed to list achievements, awards and other vain shit but I have none.  This is my first website, I've been writing my whole life but never blogged, I occasionally sell my shit but by no means make any money, I curse like a sailor because I was one once, I can't edit photos, don't even own a camera or video recorder other than my phone & usually have no idea what I'm doing.

So what are we doing here?  We're escaping, we're getting to know one another, we're learning, we're creating, sharing information and, most importantly, creating.  Because I'm pretty sure if I didn't have the outlet of creating I'd be crazy.  Ok I'm crazy, I meant crazier.  Dammit I'm trying to be real, I'm crazier than most.  What I meant was if I didn't have an outlet for my crazy I'd be getting shot in the ass with Thorazine in the mental hospital...again.  Oh and I LOVE dogs.