A glimpse into the mind of an obsessive crafter

So here I sit with my laptop open trying to merge pages and create Pinterest pins.  My phone is open to the Facebook pages to allow certain whatevers to access what nots to post.  My tablet is sync’d to the t.v streaming You-tube videos on how to generate traffic to my blog, how to create Pins and where to post, yada yada yada.  While my mind is bouncing around my fingers are weaving a rug that is made from the scraps of t-shirt quilts I made that started out as pillows I made as an experiment because I couldn’t afford to buy new pillows.  I can’t remember when I ate last or feel the heating pad, literally, burning a hole and catching on fire underneath me but I can remember what stitch length my first quilt I free motioned quilted and that V-stitch ripple afghan pattern that kinda made up in my head 10 years ago.  If you read that really really fast you can probably relate!


We haven’t even touched the surface!

Everywhere I go I see potential, I swear I could even get over stimulated at the dump.  I see things for what they could be which is quite distracting and infuriating to most people that know me.  I craft in my sleep, how crazy is that?  Seriously I’ll be dreaming and see something and next thing you know I’m stripping, sanding, ripping seams, decoupaging, etc and WHAM!  I wake up obsessed and gotta get to work!

Still not impressed?  Well let’s role play!  You be the fireman….oh wait…I meant let’s run a scenario.  How embarrassing!!  Here’s an example:

I go to Pinterest looking for a gluten free chicken recipe.  I find a few and store away my mental grocery list.  I scroll down and see a gluten free diet PIN which I click to go to a website.  On the website I see exercises so, again, I find myself watching You-Tube exercise videos.  I hear a song in the background of a video that reminds me of that SHOOP song from my youth.  So I google who sings it, read a few articles of “Where are they now”  then find myself back on you-Tube.  Many, many hours later I’m starving, have 12 new tabs open on my browser, I’ve since watched videos on how to shimmy, found out what happened to En Vogue and made a Funky Cold Medina.  Then I go to the grocery store and leave with Clorox wipes, a new Glade candle, a book and jalapeno peppers and then call for pizza and crochet all night.  

Goodwill and the likes are my creative orgasm superstores!  I go into over drive when there and have to budget myself.  T shirts and jeans are my favorite mediums but there’s so much to create!  Those questionable sheets would make great rugs, those baskets are gonna be spray painted, those clothes re purposed, I love disassembling old clocks and watches for the gears.  Lots of that stuff I cast molds out of them to make bunches for steampunking and decorating pretty much anything.  Furniture is cleaned and waiting a new lease on life with refinishing.  Stuffed animals are dog toys, jars and vases get painted or wrapped in rope, jute, yarn, etc.


I see clothes as fabric, which can get expensive.  Lace is over $10/yard and I can buy a wedding dress for that with 15 yards on it.  Underskirts become petticoats because if you know me you know I LOVE my petticoats!  So SO SO many staggering statistics on clothing in landfills.  I always see things as what they can be and if it’s defective it doesn’t deter me.  Even men, but that’s why I’m single now and we’ll save those stories for my sponsor…

Today at work I told my co-worker “I hope you get an ink stain on that shirt ‘cuz I REALLY wanna make a purse outta it!”.  My creative juices are always flowing which is a blessing and a curse.  SO if you’re like me know that you are not alone.  If you love someone like me or are reading this to try and understand I’ll say to you “Sorry, not sorry!”.  I’ve got 100 bazillion  projects I need to get back to so much love my friends!  <3



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