Hi, I'm Kelly

and I'm a CraftAHolic! I started this website mainly as an outlet for the crazy...ooops, I totally misspelled creativity, in my head to have a place to hang out. I'm hoping to inspire others to have an outlet for their crazy...errr well. My friends call me a Jill of all Trades! If it can be made, remade, repaired, beautified, deconstructed & rebuilt, well, I'm your lady! I enjoy working with my hands and my brain, rarely follow a pattern & have that rare gift of seeing the beauty of things as they could be. I sew, crochet, macrame, quilt, cross-stitch, cook and can tear apart an engine and rebuild it.  I'm also extremely proficient in sarcasm, creativity, I dance and sing horribly but love to anyways and generally prefer the solitude of being an empty-nester. I'm especially passionate about up-cycling & having raised 2 kids mostly on my own and working multiple jobs, I've been up-cycling before I knew what up-cycling was. I try to create beautiful, functional & durable gifts for the people in my life & I hope that includes y'all now as well!

So grab yourself a cup of coffee, the bigger the better, your creativity, credit card if your going shopping in my store StitchCraft & let's make beautiful things together! So please like me on Facebook, leave me a message & bookmark my page so we can get to know each other better!