Pepper Powder

As much as I LOVE to craft I also love to cook…and eat!  As we are nearing the fall season my friends that are lucky enough to have gardens often ring me their leftover veggies and, sometimes, fruits.   I have never let a veggie I didn’t like and being one small step from bankruptcy and homelessness I never turn down food.  I like to cook on a budget!   Unfortunately you can’t just throw fresh veggies in the freezer to use later and as much as I want a pressure cooker to do some canning I don’t have one.  Que my dehydrator!


Ahhh…there she is!  This was a pre-broke girl purchase and it’s one of my most often used kitchen anythings!  It’s so perfect for..well..just about anything!  If you don’t have one than I highly recommend mine.  I’ve been using it for years and it’s still running strong.  Shit!, I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.  Ugh.


Spicy food is a favorite of mine, I love heat in my food.  I don’t like all the chemicals, preservatives, salt or the just weird taste a lot of our food today has.  Nothing beats homegrown and fresh!  So today I was given a bag of jalapenos, Serrano, bell, banana, cayenne and even ghost peppers!  So as soon as I got home I started chopping then making dinner (stuffed bell peppers).


What you need:

  1. Dehydrator, here’s mine.
  2. Coffee Grinder, here’s mine.
  3. Peppers  I used jalepeno, serrano, cayenne, habanero, banana and ghost peppers
  4. Cutting board and knife
  5. Salt shakers
  6. Face mask
  7. Freezer bag
  8. Aluminum foil


Let’s do this!

  • Wash your peppers.  Seems rather obvious and mundane but the last thing you want is cutting peppers and a big, giant (not really but still)spider creeps onto your cutting board and you nearly cut your damn finger off and in your mad rush to run away knock the cutting board over and 2 of your dogs eat a few.  Just saying..
  • Cut your peppers and arrange on your dehydrator trays,  I like to stack mine according to colors on my trays.  Don’t judge me!  I also leave the seeds in mine.


  • Plug in your dehydrator, set the temp and forget about it.  Now mine takes a few days but I always leave it just a day or so longer just to make sure.  Note: Usually by day 2 I’m hoarse from the Capsaicin!
  • Once they are sufficiently wrinkly and you can crumble in your hand you’re ready to pulverize!  PUT ON THE DAMN MASK!!!  Simply grab a handful, drop into your coffee grinder and GRIND!  I’m betting you didn’t put your mask on and you’re remembering my sarcastic, condescending and lecturing tone when I say “I know, I was right…dumbass!”.    Every damn time I forget until the first time I take the lid off the grinder and I’m inhaling that powder!








  • I put mine to a ziploc bag and just repeat until they are all done!  Now I also scoop out the seeds and put them in a different bag for cooking.  Once my bag is full I dump into the salt shakers and put a little piece of aluminum foil under the lid to keep moisture out.
  • Sprinkle that shit on everything!  Be careful breathing when you sprinkle it though lol!  Use it as meat rubs, mix with sesame oil, lime juice and sea salt as a spicy vinaigrette, sprinkle on popcorn, whatever!!

Enjoy!  Let me know if you try it!  You can do this with onions, garlic, celery, etc.

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