Rag Blue Jean Cathedral & T-shirt Quilts.

I had made blue jean quilts for both my son & grandson and they are so durable and warm!  I decided I wanted one as well but I wanted something more sentimental and difficult to make (of course).   With my son & grandson I had upcycled our jeans but I knew I wouldn't have enough for mine so I put a call out for jeans on Facebook.  The cathedral part is scraps from all the projects I've made over the decades & none will repeat.  It's not even 1/4 of the way done so it is a WIP.

The T-shirt quilts are a favorite of mine to make and an order I'm always happy to take!  I just love the idea of making blankets from items that are sentimental or invoke feelings (like humor) and turning them into practical, useful and decorative items like blankets!


Cool Ass Hats

Four or five years ago I decided to chop off all my hair under the assumption that if it was shorter I'd be more inclined to fix it.  Well you know that they say about assume...I am not a fan of wasting precious crafting or quiet coffee time fixing hair that will just look like shit in a few hours.  I love hats but couldn't see spending so much money on them so I started making my own!