It's so much fun to look at an item and think of something cool that can be made from it.  Then remove hardware and seams, measure and start designing.  Rarely does it ever turn out the way I originally envisioned but I'm still amazed every time.  I always feel proud when I make something useful out of discards.



I love yarn!  I love the way it feels whether it is a hat, scarf, skirt, wash rag or an afghan.  Macramé yarn is great for rugs and baskets, really holds up to my dogs.  I've also been using paracord lately and love how versatile it is as well!


Sewing and Quilting

I've been sewing for as long as I can remember but I'm new to quilting and have so much to learn!  If I was to win the lottery I would stay home and quilt ALL day!


Creative Freedom

Sometimes people bring me in something sentimental to make something else sentimental.  These are often my favorite projects.  This was a shirt of a co-worker and she brought it in for me.  Now I had noticed that she had a new tablet that she would watch shows on her lunch breaks.  So I measured her tablet and made a tablet bag.  I re-used the original pockets and buttons and made the strap adjustable and cross body.  It's also padded to add a little extra protection.

Making Memories

We could sit down with this bowl and I could tell you a story of every project I made with each strand of fabric.  Some go back decades, small scraps I've carried around forever for the sentimental reasons & because I don't like waste.  It's also a great way to mix fabrics that can't normally be used in the same projects so sheers, denim, cotton, satins, minky and every other kind you can imagine stitched together with all the leftover threads and bobbins that would otherwise be waste too.  All of that and it still is beautiful and functional.


Next Steps...

Are you hanging on to old greeting cards, certificates or pictures your kids colored that would make great flowers?  What about those heirloom brooches?  Old t-shirts, jeans or baby onesies?  Anything can become something else that can actually be useful, functional and or beautiful!   Let's get started!