Sparkly Shelves!

The problem:

I don’t know about you but I have a fabric obsession and lack of storage.  Up until recently I had been storing my fabric in big bins and paper ream boxes, constantly looking for the perfect fabric that I KNOW I have, I just couldn’t find it.  I have a friend that offered to build me shelves, IF and only IF I finished a few quilts…well challenge accepted mister!  I started out giving him some dimensions that I thought would be perfect for fat quarters, bundles and scraps that way I could get that up & organized.  Have you ever tried organizing your fabric?  HAHAHAhahahahahaha


I LOVEd the shelf!   As with most good ideas though I hadn’t thought it through.  What about my bigger cuts and my bolts?  So to make a long story short I had two sets built & pictured below they are fantastic.  Now I just need 1,000,006 more shelves, give or take a few.  ‘Cuz we all know I’m not gonna quit buying fabric…

The first set I just had some leftover “Oops” paint from the store.  Just a straight red paint job then sealed to prevent color bleeding onto my fabric.  I just LOVE color!  The second set though I got a little more creative!  I initially wanted a sparkle paint but I went to Home Depot and the guy made me feel like a total flipping idiot for wanting paint with sparkle in it.  I literally had to restrain myself from taking a paint stirrer and shoving it up his *ahem*…

I went home and Zenned the fuck out and thought well I can do something super cool!  Take a look at this shit!

Sparkly Awesomism!

The solution:

Pretty flipping amazeballs, huh?  I know I’m a goddess amongst DIYers…So since imitation is the highest form of flattery I’d like ya’ll to imitate me.  Seriously, I need it!  Believe it or not I googled, Binged and Pintrested (why is that not a word?)yet could find NO INFORMATION on what I wanted to do so here we go!!


-Shelves.  I had mine made & I didn’t prime them.  I didn’t fill the holes either.  Just sanded then cleaned.

-Paint (base color). 

-Chalkboard paint for the sides (that sparkly heart is sparkly chalk).  I bought mine with a 50% off coupon at Joann’s.

-Modge Podge.  I like the Matte and the big, BIG container. Awesome Sauce!

-Varnish here’s mine…

-Sparkles!!!!  I used two kinds which I also bought at Joann’s with a coupon!

-Paint brushes & foam!

-Face mask (omg it stank!)  Buy it here..Face mask

-Old patterns

-Stirrers that have not been shoved up rude, condescending asshats asses at Home depot.  I was so distracted I forgot mine so I used a stick.  What?!?  I wing it ok?

-Sharp shit.  (scissors, exacto knife, etc..)

-Drop cloths, rags, containers to mix varnish, etc.

-Old clothes, garbage bags.

Get started!

-Paint your shelves your base color.  I did 2 coats of the red & 3 or 4 of the blue which is the chalkboard paint.  I only did the outside so I could jot things on it, decorate it and what not.

-I suggest doing everything outside, I only painted outside.  I used a mask with the varnish but my house stank for weeks.

-I used some old patterns.  I’m not really a pattern type of lady, I usually wing everything.  So I had a few patterns that I tried and didn’t like it so I attempted to refold and put them back in the envelope…ugh.  I ripped them up, not cut.  I tried to chose lots of lines and words placed strategically and directionally…

It cracks me up and makes me laugh.  

-So basically I laid down a layer of modge podge with a sponge brush.  Then I laid down a piece of pattern & brushed more modge podge over it.  I pushed it into the corners & overlapped where necessary.  Once it was completely dry I then trimmed it.  Here’s some pictures cuz I kinda suck at explaining it.  Smoosh down creases, pop bubbles.  It’s not rocket science and it’s only shelves so relax and enjoy the sparkles.







Let dry.  That’s the sucky part.  Then trim it down.

-I mixed varnish and sparkles. I had no formula and no guidance because I couldn’t find anyone else on the planet that had done & wrote about it. I didn’t want it too runny or too thick. I got it to a consistency that seemed right then added a bunch more sparkles!

-Now.  Respirator, face mask, breathing apparatus, something.  PLEASE.  Actually you shoulda put it on before mixing.  I didn’t, don’t be me.  Be LIKE me, just better.

-You’re gonna go through quite a few sponge brushes.  I found the brushes work better, just change them out before they start falling apart.  They work better than paint brushes though.  Make sure you stir your beautiful sparkly mixture often too.  Just brush over your patterns.  I put 3 or 4 coats on and it’s super duper sparkly!

If I did it right you can click the picture to make it bigger to see the details.

-Now the surface is uneven because of the sparkles, it’s as bumpy as a hormonal teenagers face!  It’s just fabric so I didn’t worry about it.  If you were gonna use it for glassware or kitsch you may wanna add several coats varnish over it to smooth it out.

Just let them dry, hang them and organize!

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